Entree  Valuation & Risk Mitigation Services         


Plan &  Business Valuation Analysis
Risk Examination,  Identification,  Analysis  &  Mitigation Strategies
Contract Identification &  Negotiation
Partnering Agreement Execution
Financial Decision Benefit Analysis 
Model Re-Statement
(grants, loans, incentives, matching funds, manpower, training, tax and economic development programs)


Revenue Generation &  Market Demand
Financial Model
Back-up Planning &  Alternatives
Third Party Risk Rating
Model Appraisal

     Affiliate Syndication Services

Angel Investors, Angel Capital, Funding, Business Plans, Financing, Partnering, Merger, Acquisition & Sale


Companies of every size are facing challenges presented by difficult market conditions. Our unique Practical Marketing Assessment Option examines the business in light of current market opportunities and does so with the benefit of proven executive involvement with target client access and networking ability. It involves not simply recommending, but actual strategy execution assistance with real revenue opportunities... Next, the base sales process is analyzed and re-engineered to optimize sales effectiveness. 

Entree  then applies its extensive industry knowledge, contacts, networks and innovative marketing techniques to chart a course for re-prioritization of focus and re-formulation of core execution and messaging - culminating in a results-oriented marketing plan squarely focused on sales development and actual contracts. 

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