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A national affiliation of resources organized to take advantage of business growth opportunities. The Entree Venture Network, based in the Research Triangle Park area and with resources throughout the United States and internationally, represents a new approach to locating and building opportunities for principals and partner groups. The Network has been constructed on long term relationship networks of angel investors and executives taking advantage of emerging Internet technology, which serves to remove geographical barriers.

Much of The Entree Venture Network approach to building its resource base should be viewed in the same light as other  accelerator groups and consulting networks. By accessing trusted relationships through our network, clients gain relationship-based exposure and angel/advisor groups are able to look at opportunities beyond their geographic borders, knowing that one or more trusted people working in proximity to the opportunity will help their varied interests.

We are engaged to expose the client project presentation to the network angel and other funding sources and/or to develop plans, financial models, presentations, investor sites, board participants, strategic partnering sourcing, introductions, revenue ramp-up initiatives, valuations, feasibility studies and other projects.


At the same time, the disparate groups are able to call on resources and connections internationally, knocking down some of the barriers to 'getting the job done quickly. For associates to affiliate with the network one need only submit their name and experience and subject to review join the growing roster of associates, allowing the network to gain even greater substance. No other requirement exists.


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