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Today's emerging growth companies, established firms and early stage ventures face the ongoing challenge of revenue generation. In order to succeed, they must build and manage engaging brands, establish effective partnerships and alliances, manage the development of their products and services, and execute sound financial initiatives. At the same time, today's sophisticated angel investors and potential customers hold increased expectations of established and emerging businesses. New Business Development

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Market Research and Analysisangel investors, angel, angels, business plans, angel funding Training and DevelopmentThe Entree Network was founded as a cyber angel executive network specifically to help fast track businesses build angel investor value and gain market penetration during their crucial high growth period and beyond. We share with our clients not only the risks of building new businesses, but our vast expertise in management, investment banking relationships, fortune 500 networking,  angel venture consulting, business development, business plans, angel funding, marketing and venture value creation. Due to our network, we are unmatched in our resources and expertise in much needed professional disciplines-Business Strategy, Public Relations, Executive Search and Angel Investor Outreach. The Entree Angel Investor Network  offers clients the ability to tap multiple angel, executive, corporate and relationship networks, partners and capital formation sources. The knowledge and experience to manage the strategic challenges of building each client's valuation and revenues is our benefit and our focus.

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