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Entree as an angel investors angel capital executive network has performed due diligence reviews to varying degrees involving  many of the 26,000 business plans and inquiries received in 11 years and we have selected or been selected  to incubate, create business plans and /or provide services or angel investors to many of them  . 95% of those have received either funding following preparation, term sheet offers,  business plans, angel investors, partnering arrangements, competitive analysis, acquisition suitors, management, board members, new clients and/or modeling services. 100% of our deal flow comes from our associates, the Internet and by word of mouth reference.
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Networking methods,  networks, access to partners , angel capital, angels, angel investors, while providing business plans, angel investors, presentation, negotiation, retention of equity, valuation enhancement strategies, packaging the venture, sales and revenue ramp-up models, deal structuring, equity options, venture capital and angel capital tie-ins, investment banking and how to approach them, common concerns, red flag issues, business plans defined with execution content, strategic partnering, executive search and rounding out the management team, how to position the venture when founders have zero resources, board importance and how to source and attract members, plan packaging and modeling, the importance of PR, traditional and technology venture positioning of business plans, weakness & strength reviews, identifying the obstacles, how to get in front of someone real, executive summary quick reviews and comments. The Entree Network of angel investors provides angel networking, business plans, angel assistance with your business plan, angel investors, angel capital and venture capital contacts and funding relationships.

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